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The Party Donors are Heroes

Donors are heroes

Friday, April 13, 2018 | 8PM
Hyatt at the Bellevue

About Donors are Heroes

Organ Donors Are Heroes, founded in 2001, is a committed group of volunteers supporting the Gift of Life Donor Program and its charitable supporting organization, Transplant Foundation.Its mission is to raise public awareness about the importance of becoming an organ and tissue donor and to dispel the myths surrounding this process. Funds from this event go directly towards attaining our mission. Gift of Life Donor Program is the nonprofit organ and tissue donor program serving the eastern half of Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Delaware. Since its founding in 1974, Gift of Life has served as the link between donors and patients awaiting life-saving transplants. To date, Gift of Life has coordinated nearly 36,000 transplants.


Renee D. Freeman

Don Freeman


The Party 2018 Co Chairs

Karleigh Rose Pettit

Carol Domb


Executive Committee

Ellen Gottlieb
Design & Invitations Co-Chair

Lyne Galinsky-Kirshner
School Summits/It’s About Life Grants Co-Chair

Angela Giannetti
Event Management & Underwriting Chair

Wendy Trow-Fox
School Summits/It’s About Life Grants Co-Chair


Gerald Francesco
Website & Social Media Chair

Stacey Gross
Website & Social Media Co-Chair

Jaret Wilson
Website & Social Media Co-Chair

Nicole Cashman
Public Relations Chair


Karen Keener
Gift of Life Community Relations Coordinator

Stanton Myerson
Fundraising & Community Investment Co-Chair

Anca M. Peruto
Fundraising & Community Investment Co-Chair

Jan L. Weinstock, Esq.
VP, Administration & General Counsel at Gift of Life Donor Program


Advisory Committee

Eric Allen

Denise Askins

Jay Bagley

Tracy Blumenfeld

Jason Cevera

Madeleine Dickinson

Hugh E Dillon

Ryan Dugan

Donna Ferrier

Remy Fox

Brian Freedman

Steffi Freedman

Bernie Gottlieb

Michael Haberman

Earl Harvey

G. Michael Howard

Brian Kappra

Sharon Kass

Barbara Katz-Chobert

Mary Pat Kessler

Kimberly Kimmel

Jack Kirshner

Tina Lamsback

Sheri Levin

Rachel Luber-Cevera

Alexa Lustig

Britny Malloy

Jeff Marblestone

Stephanie Marblestone

Ryan Margolis

Cliff Martell

Nichole Maurer

Maxine Morgan

Michael Muffley

Howard M. Nathan

Tamar Olitsky

Jin Hee Park

Susan Pincus

Ira Schwartz

Lisa Silveri

Bernard Spain

Shawn Suehle

Ed Terry

Courtney Litman

Sam Arbitman

Joseph Grande

Lisa Grande

David Hess

Britny Molloy

Anne Nikolaus

John Pizzigoni

Sabrina Pray

Randy Presant

Joan Spain